Boma Kilimanjaro Team
Boma volunteers rebuilt a burned down business.

Boma Africa can coordinate your volunteering assignment in Tanzania. We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities and can make a custom placement for you depending on your skills and area of interest. We are continually completing projects, beginning new programs, and providing a regular supply of volunteers to communities where they are needed. Contributing to the development of communities is a pillar of Boma Africa’s mission, so please join us as a volunteer!


  • Accommodation may be at a homestay or at our Boma Volunteer Home. The home and families vary, and each person will have a unique experience. We choose your host families carefully to be sure you will be safe and comfortable. Our host families are experienced with western culture and will show you much hospitality and Swahili culture, while keeping your comfort in mind.
  • You may have a private room, or share a room with another volunteer.
  • You may have a western style bathroom, or the African kind. Tanzanian bathrooms consist of a “Turkish toilet”, a porcelain hole in the floor. Showers may be installed, or you might be using the bucket method of bathing!
  • Your host family will prepare breakfast and dinner for you daily, and usually you will eat with the family. Be prepared to taste and enjoy Swahili dishes. While different than home, they are well prepared and nutritious.
  • Your host family and Boma Africa want you to be as comfortable as possible, please don’t hesitate to speak freely with your hosts, or contact Boma Africa if you have any concerns.
  • Particular projects may have alternative accommodation due to their location or unique needs.

Primary School

glacier boma africa safari tanzania kilimanjaro wildlife zanzibar teacher volunteer
Boma Africa volunteer teaches English at a local school.

Spend some time at Boma Community School as a volunteer teacher’s assistant. The students will love having you involved and will benefit from learning your culture and language, and from the activities you prepare for them.




Health Centre

Boma AfricaVolunteers / Students can help relieve work load of hospital staff according to their skills, and gain invaluable experience by observing and participating in patient care. Nursing staff have to clean the wards in addition to caring for many patients (15:1), so volunteers without medical training can help by cleaning, portering patients, running lab work, and more.

Jeremy builds a small business for a local mama. Boma Africa
Midwifery students spend time at the Tengeru Hospital.

Other Ideas

Boma Africa would LOVE to prepare your own custom volunteer experience to complement your skills and area of interest! Examples include:

  • Art and Crafts after school program
  • Soccer Team immersion program
  • Musical collaboration/ production with Watengwa hip hop group
  • Creating promotional videos for Boma Community School or Boma la Mama Birth Centre
  • English as a second language classes
  • Your own Idea!
Lizzie teaches arts & crafts after school. Boma Africa
Lizzie teaches arts & crafts after school. Boma Africa

Volunteering Prices

Please keep in mind that a portion of volunteer fees is used as a contribution toward the project the volunteer chooses to participate in.

Included: application fee, accommodation, placement and town orientation, breakfast & dinner daily, volunteer placement organization and fees, airport pick up, mandatory contribution to project

Not included: airfare, airport drop off, transportation, lunches, gratuities

Time IntervalPrice per Person ($US)
2 weeks$1000
3 weeks$1300
4 weeks$1600
6 weeks$1900
8 weeks$2200
3 months$2700
6 months$5000

Contact us to book your African adventure or request more information!


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