25 Day Packages


Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru, Crater Highlands + Volcano climb, Serengeti & Zanzibar

Lau and Thomas hike on a rainy Kilimanjaro.
Lau and Thomas hike on a rainy Kilimanjaro.

Muasi: Rebel tour! This is for the extreme mountaineer! You will summit three mountains, Kilimanjaro via Umbwe route, Meru, and Lengai. You will also trek through the highlands of Ngorongoro, passing three major craters as you explore Maasai Land. This program is topped off by wildlife safari in Serengeti, and winding down in Zanzibar. You should be physically and mentally fit to participate in this itinerary.

Accommodations: The majority of the days are spent in camps while trekking, but while in town and in Zanzibar you will enjoy the comforts of modern hotels.

Number of Persons Price per Person ($US)
1 person $12875
2 people $10050
3 people $8975
4 people $8400
5 people $8100
6 people $7675

Day trips, Mt. Meru climbs, and the Rwanda Gorilla Tour are available as add-ons to this package.

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