Kilimanjaro, Tour Bundles, and/or Volunteering

Boma Africa offers many choices of experiences for your visit to Tanzania, whether you’re wanting to climb Kilimanjaro or you’re interested in a safari and trekking. Boma Africa also believes in helping out communities, so we’ve set up ways for you to volunteer your time and skills, if you wish. Have a look at our bundles and choose the bundle which appeals to you!

Climb Kilimanjaro

Various packages for climbing Kilimanjaro are here:

Kilimanjaro Pricing

Boma Africa Bundles

These bundles are mixtures of stay durations, climbing, safaris, and trekking. Check them out, and one of them is sure to appeal to your sense of adventure. Please contact us if you have any questions about visiting Tanzania with Boma Africa!

10 Day Bundles

14 Day Bundles

21 Day Bundles

25 Day Bundles

28 Day Bundle

Day Trips & Add-Ons

Day trips, Mt. Meru climbs, and the Rwanda Gorilla Tour can be added to any package.

Day Trips

Mt. Meru

Rwanda Gorilla Tour

Volunteering with Boma Africa

Be a part of one of our projects, or perhaps you have an idea for your own project? Learn about volunteering prices with Boma Africa here:

About Volunteering with Boma

We’ve also put together some tour bundles so you can combine your volunteering experience with a vacation. Learn about our Volunteer Bundles here:

Volunteering Tour Bundles

Questions? Contact us!