Kilimanjaro Team

Your Crew

Climbing Kilimanjaro requires a full team! Each person is important; below you can read about each person’s contribution to your summit experience.

Kilimanjaro team Boma AFricaPorters

Boma Team Prepared for the Climb
Boma Team Prepared for the Climb

We listed the porters first, as they do the hardest job, and get the least credit. Porters carry your bag and all of your gear, including tents, food, gas cookers, pots and pans, toilets, and even toilet paper! Porters run ahead of you on the mountain, set up camp and help the cooks and guides to make everything run smoothly. As we have a strong focus on social responsibility, ensuring the safety of porters and fair wages is very important to Boma Africa. We adhere to the standards of TANAPA (Tanzania National Park Authority), that porters will only carry 25kg. We ask that clients limit their pack weight to 15 kg. TANAPA also mandates that porters are paid at least 10 $US per day. We ensure all the porters and crew have warm and sufficient clothing for the mountain conditions.

Expedition Leader

Your expedition leader organizes your climb and your entire experience in Tanzania. This person may also be your guide, and may or may not join you on your mountain trek.


Your guide has been thoroughly trained, adhering to the guidelines of Kilimanjaro National Park, plus additional training to meet the standards of Boma Africa. Their experience in the mountain allows them to provide you with the finest climb, and the best chance of summiting. Our guides are very knowledgeable about the mountain, the wildlife and flora, the culture, and history if Kilimanjaro. They are extremely sensitive to signs and symptoms of altitude sickness, and will be very clear in their recommendations regarding your health. Keep in close contact with your guide regarding needs, requests, questions, and your health.

Assistant Guide

These are qualified guides, however not the chief guide for your climb. We assure there are 2 assistant guides available for every 3 climbers. This ensures that all climbers have access to personalized care and support during severe summiting conditions.


Your cook does all your meal planning, shopping, organizing of kitchen gear, carries gear up the mountain, and finally prepares all of your delicious meals, tea, lunchboxes and more!

Socially Responsible Tourism in Tanzania