Community Projects

Boma Africa is a non profit tour operator. We use the amazing tourism industry in Tanzania as a sustainable means of generating funds to uplift the community.

Boma Community School

Boma Community School - Laughing Students
Boma Community School – Laughing Students

With support of the Lindsay Kimmett Memorial Foundation and the Rotary Club of Cochrane, Boma has opened the Lindsay Kimmett Kindergarten; the first classroom of the Boma Community School. Children of the village now have the opportunity to attend kindergarten as the closest school was too far for them to walk. The children learn both in Swahili and English and benefit from foreign volunteers in the classroom!

Founded in 2015, the Boma Community School is in the village of Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania. Through the support of partner organizations Boma Africa founded and maintains this free school as one their two primary charitable projects.

The village of Mto wa Mbu asked Boma Africa to help them to provide a kindergarten for the area of Mlimani Park. During the rainy season the young kids couldn’t access any schools because the creek would get to high and they could not cross the water.

Boma Community School
Boma Community School

This was a perfect project for Boma Africa, and the next year with funds from the Lindsay Kimmett Memorial Foundation, the first classroom was built, the Lindsay Kimmett Kindergarten!

We were also able put in two roadways to access the area, and access a water source to provide running water to the community (Thank you to the Rotary Club of Cochrane.)

The first class of students began attending in 2015, and the school is expanding every year as the children move forward.

Boma Community School classroom
Boma Community School classroom

The Boma Community School students attend for free, get porridge everyday, and they also have a playground (funded by Martin & Sue Parnell), the only playground in the village!

Boma Africa and Mto wa Mbu village have big dreams and would one day like to see the school with kindergarten through to grade 12 classes. The vision includes international school syllabus, and specialized sports, arts, and technology programs.

Boma la Mama Birth Centre

Our biggest project, Boma la Mama, will be a training centre for midwives and a low risk birthing home. Tanzania’s infant and maternal death rates rank among the highest in the world. Lack of technology, resources, transport, family planning, and modern medical education are all aspects that contribute to this problem. We have the goal of creating an education program that will provide a fleet of Tanzanian midwives with up to date training, access to equipment, and women centered maternity care. At the same time, Boma la Mama’s clinic and birth centre will offer safe, and dignified maternity care.

Student Sponsorship


Katie has been sponsored by Boma Africa since she was in pre-school. She’s now in grade two at an English Medium school, and she is an ‘A’ student! Thank you to her sponsors!!


Nasra has been sponsored since 2014, when she started attending secondary school. Thanks to her sponsor she has the opportunity to continue her education and create a future for herself.

Boma Goes Green

Planting a tree after a Kilimanjaro climb
Planting a tree after a Kilimanjaro climb

Motivated by seeing the effects of climate change on the glaciers of Kilimanjaro, Boma Africa is making a contribution to the environment. At the end of every expedition, Boma Africa clients plant a tree in order to commemorate their trip to Tanzania, and to create shaded gardens and improve the environment in various villages.

Providing Volunteers and Supplies to Local Health Centres

Boma Africa has an ongoing presence of volunteer health workers in the Arusha region. Nurses, students, midwives, and more spend their days relieving the workload of the overworked and underpaid hospital staff. This also provides an opportunity for inter-cultural exchange of healthcare knowledge. Via our volunteers and Boma contributions we have provided equipment and lifesaving supplies such as a Doppler ultrasound machine (for listening to babies while women are in labour), neonatal ambubags (for newborn CPR), syringes, IV supplies, soap, medications, newborn clothing, newborn heating pads, infant formula, and more.

Donations & Sponsors

Boma Africa is fortunate to be able to donate items to many locations, such as equipment to the hospital, medicine to patients, clothing to a half-way home for women and children, educational resources, and more.

We are a self-sustaining non-profit organization. While we are still working towards revenues meeting (and exceeding) expenditures, donations help us to sustain our organization and realize community projects. Future profits will be re-invested into the company, or go directly into funding community projects.

We are grateful for all bookings, contributions and sponsorship from clients, volunteers, and folks at home looking to help out.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to donate or sponsor. You can donate to a general fund, or a particular project.

We can also make contributions to your area of interest, whatever that may be!

Past Projects

Tiling at Tengeru Hospital Maternity Ward

With the support of some volunteers, Boma Africa was able to fund tiling the postpartum ward at the Tengeru District Hospital.

Tengeru Patient Fund

There are patients that come to Meru District Hospital in Tengeru, and have no means of buying their necessary medicine or accessing food or soap while they are in the hospital. We have a reserve fund for patients like these, and contributions are made on an individual basis. This program has saved lives and given dignity to many patients in dire situations.

International Maternity Care Workshop

Boma Africa has developed a workshop that allows for an official exchange of information between international health care workers and those in Tanzania. It is an open discussion setting where those trained abroad share their medical knowledge, and those in Tanzania share their education. Differences are discussed along with and explanations of culturally determined practices. The most recent workshop focused on Newborn Resuscitation (CPR) and how to use a Doppler ultrasound machine.


Boma Africa and volunteer helped Andrea to rebuild his business in his remote village after he was badly burned and his business destroyed by fire.

Mama Leti

Boma Africa and volunteer provided Mama Leti with a shaded banda where she could sell her home made banana brew- to support her many grandchildren.

Arts and Crafts Program

A Boma Africa volunteer provided free after school arts and crafts programs for village children. She did so for 3 months and had at least 50 children participating!

Music at Watengwa

Boma Africa supports local musicians by providing equipment and resources to the crew. An amazing collaboration between a Canadian musician and Arusha’s hip hop crew, Watengwa also resulted in long lasting friendships and a unique music track!


Boma Africa sponsored a local Maasai boy to study English for two years. He has a dream of working in the tourism industry.

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