About Boma Africa

As a tour company Boma Africa is unique, as it is also a self-sustaining non-profit organization. Boma Africa uses the tourism industry as a direct and sustainable means of generating funds for community projects.

Boma Africa’s founder had the dream of being able to help his community, but like many Tanzanians, faced the daily struggles of life in poverty. Wanting to find a way to help without relying on donations from abroad, he realized he could put his many years of experience in tourism to good use, making the perfect combination; a tour company and NPO in one.

Boma Africa’s tour company is honest and reliable; providing the highest quality vacations and unique adventures; to suit every traveler and budget.

Boma Africa plans, executes, and funds a wide variety of community projects, such as educational sponsorships, health care promotion, placing volunteers, and more.

What does BOMA mean?

Boma, in the Maasai language, means home. This includes the family, village, hut, livestock, ancestors, community, and the spirit of culture.

Founder & Director

Lau Mafuru


Lau Mafuru, Boma Africa founder
Lau Mafuru, Boma Africa founder

Lawrence is the founder and director of Boma Africa. He was born in the Serengeti and raised in the national parks of Tanzania. He started his work in the tourism industry as a porter on Mt. Meru, and has climbed his way from porter to licenced guide, to expedition coordinator, and finally to company director. Lawrence has worked for over 50 companies as a freelance guide, climbed Kilimanjaro more than 50 times, worked for Tanzania National Parks authority, and trekked his way across Tanzania. Lawrence oversees all expeditions and community projects and looks forward to welcoming you to Boma Africa!

Leesha Mafuru


Leesha founded Boma Africa together with Lawrence, sharing the vision of having a positive impact on the community. She is involved in office operations, communications and marketing, with a special role in community projects. You are likely to be in touch with Leesha during the booking process.

Leesha is educated as a midwife, with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science in Midwifery. She volunteers in a Tanzanian government hospital on the maternity ward. Leesha is devoted to improving maternity care, and is the Project Manager for Boma Africa’s leading project, Boma la Mama: Birth Centre and Midwifery School.

Our Teams

Office Team

They are happy to help you coordinate your perfect adventure!

Boma Africa Office Team
Boma Africa Office Team

Behind the scenes! You will probably correspond with and have the chance to meet the office staff. While they don’t do the tough job of climbing, they are very knowledgeable about Kilimanjaro, safari, tourism, culture, and Tanzania. They support your crew by communicating with clients, taking care of safari and mountain gear and making sure the expeditions are flawlessly organized.

Mountain Team

They help you with your climb!

Boma Africa Mountain Team
Boma Africa Mountain Team

Mountain expeditions have the largest crews. In addition to your group, you will climb with your guide, expedition leader, assistant guides, cook, and a team of porters. For more information regarding your mountain team, check out our Trekking section, or click here.

Safari Team

They make your safari happen!

Boma Africa Safari Team
Boma Africa Safari Team

Your safari team will consist of your driver guide, and possibly local village guides. If you are camping you will also have a personal cook. Large groups may also have a team of camp staff to assist in making and breaking camps.

Volunteer & Community Team

They help you make a difference!

Volunteer & Community Team
Volunteer & Community Team

The community and volunteer team includes a wide range of staff and volunteers! Of course the office staff is busy coordinating placements and projects; they are also seeking out resources and funding. In the field we have host families, village guides, carpenters, musicians, artists, and more. Many of our projects are unique, and we are fortunate to have numerous dedicated workers join the Boma Africa team!

Tanzania’s Non- Profit Tour Co.!

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