2017 In a Nutshell

2017 was a great year for Boma Africa!

Highlights include:

  • The Mafuru family moving to Tanzania
  • A handful of great safaris, treks, and Kilimanjaro climbs
  • Providing free education to 20 students at LK Kindergarten
  • Funding to pay the teacher for 6 months of 2018
  • Collection of enough school supplies for the next year at LK Kindergarten
  • Funding to fix the water source at LK Kindergarten
  • Acquired 20 used tires to add play structures to the Sue and Martin Parnell Playground
  • Shipping  40′ sea container FULL of supplies and equipment for Boma la Mama Birth Centre
  • Opening the Mto wa Mbu Community Centre in partnership with The Mto wa Mbu Project

Thank you to George & Jean Terpsma, Ella and Charlotte Jobin, AP Elementary School, Beating Hearts Music, Rotary Club of South Edmonton, Maureen Fath, Emmanuel Foundation, The Mto wa Mbu Project, Lindsay Kimmett Memorial Foundation, Shanualea Vliegenthart, Lucina Midwives, Barbara Campbell, the Birrells, and to the many private donors that filled the shipping container, their suitcases, and our hearts!

What are some goals for 2018, you ask??

  • Obtain funding for operational costs for 2 years in order to open Boma la Mama
  •  Request funds to expand the school
  • Place several skilled volunteers at the school and community centre
  • Add play structures to the Sue and Martin Parnell Playground
  • Resume running water at the Boma sites
  • Register Boma Africa as a Non Profit Company in Canada & implement new organizational structure
  • Invest in marketing to sell more tours & generate more funds for our projects!
  • Establish a “safe gear” program to ensure our Boma Africa porters have warm boots and gear on our climbs

and….check out this amazing hornworm!

boma africa ngorongoro tanzania non profit tourism serengeti kilimanjaro safari lion cub christmas travel adventure game drive wildlife hornworm
Hornworm in Tanzania

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