Canadian Midwives in Tanzania

I am personally volunteering with this program, featured on CTV news, in March to help facilitate emergency skills training sessions for rural midwives!

Boma Africa is also looking into being involved on the Tanzanian side of this project… there was a call for a Tanzanian NGO to support CUSO & TAMA. This would be a new type of project management for Boma Africa, but we are going to apply regardless and are hoping that having a Canadian midwife and a Tanzanian midwife who has been doing this type of outreach work for the last several years on our team will make our application successful!

Click below to watch the short news clip about the Midwives Save Lives program!

CTV NEWS- Canadian Midwives and CUSO in Tanzania

Boma la Mama Boma Africa midwives midwife Canada Tanzania africa volunter NGO non profit

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