Martin Parnell runs in 2nd annual Afghanistan Marathon

Our dear friend Martin just returned from war- torn Afghanistan where he went to support local women participating in the race… taking a risk and standing up for all the women of Afghanistan.

The National Post printed this great article about Marathon Man Martin and his endless quest for running & helping in the most amazing ways.  This article is worth the read. Martin made says “There was never a better time to set my worst-ever time” as he ran alongside one of the young ladies, making it to the finish line with only 7 minutes to spare.

Martin and wife Sue funded the LK Kindergarten Playground in Mto wa Mbu last year via the New Year’s Eve marathon in Cochrane, AB, and came to Tanzania for Kilimanjaro Quest 95.2 where he and Lau ran the Kilimanjaro Marathon followed by a 24 hour Kili ascent attempt.

Boma Africa
Martin in Afghanistan at the marathon- Boma Afica

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