PLAYGROUND phase 4- painting, bouncy castle & party planning!

Phase 4 of the playground project is painting the structures, testing them out, finding a bouncy castle, and planning the grand opening event.

Spray paint was the paint of choice; all the colours of the rainbow, of course! 

playgroundpaint- 2016- picture- BCS

Before the playground the teacher would gather the kids from their homes as she walked up the hill to the kindergarten.  The kids came to class but it wasn’t uncommon for them to straggle in a little late.  Since the playground went in, the kids are up at the school way before school starts, and before the teacher gets there in the morning!

Luckily Innocent did not have to travel to Nairobi to find a bouncy castle like we thought. He was able to get an amazing bouncy castle in Dar es Salaam!  A generator was next on the list as there is no power at the Boma Community plot yet.

boma africa- bouncy castle

Finishing touches will include pouring sand so there is a nice soft ground and installing the official Sue & Martin Parnell Playground Plaque. 

The grand opening party is going to be on a school day and the LK Kindergarten class is inviting kids from another school to attend!  Can’t wait to see the pictures and videos of the kids having fun. 

Keep your eyes peeled for Phase 5; the Grand Opening!

boma africa- playground-mgr

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