PLAYGROUND phase 1- The Sue & Martin Parnell Playground!

cutting the grass
cutting the grass

Back in August we were visiting with our dear friends Mama and Baba Mlezi (Martin & Sue).  As usual they were providing us with mentorship and motivation for our Boma projects. When the subject of our next idea came up, a playground for the village of Mto wa Mbu, it ignited a little spark for Martin and his quest of bringing play to children around the world.


A couple of weeks later Lau and I got an exciting phone call,  Sue & Martin asking if they could fund the playground!  Amazing!

Martin’s annual NYE run/walk at the Spray Lakes Rec. Centre in Cochrane was extended for another year and the fundraising began!  The generosity was overwhelming and over $12000 was raised, enough for the playground, a bouncy castle, and supplies for the LK Kindergarten class!

Lau headed to Tanzania in early December to get to work.

First the site was chosen and had to be prepared! The long grass had to be cut because dangerous snakes love long grasses.  Then all the rocks were removed to make a soft area for kids to play.

Clearing the rocks
Clearing the rocks at the playground site



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