Papaya 1999; 15 years old

You know, I grew up in a very poor family, but one of the best experiences of Tanzania was to go out to the farms early in the morning and eat fresh fruit from the trees for breakfast. I would wake up early- before everyone else. I would take the family bicycle and ride 5 km to our farmland. I would eat my breakfast as the sun was coming up and the land was so still. I would collect papaya for the whole family, and jackfruit- we had the best jackfruit tree! I would come home and set the table, make chai- and it was all ready when everyone woke up. My baba would exclaim, “What time did you wake up!? “ Everyone would be happy- those are sweet memories of chai in Tanzania.

majani ya chai (tea leaves)
black pepper
iliki (crushed cardamom seeds)
sukari (sugar)

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