Boma takes on Quests for Right To Play!!

Lau recently joined Martin Parnell in his Hockey Quest 500- an attempt to break the Guinness world record for the most players in an exhibition hockey game! It was a great day, and Lau was happy to have a chance to meet with the Right To Play executives, with whom we’ve been working with to organize charity Kili climbs; and next Kilimanjaro Quest 95.2.

(FYI- Lau is Tanzanian, and learned to skate just for this event.  After just two weeks of training Lau was  pro.. he even got the puck in the game and took a shot at the net!  A huge success… minus 5 stitches to the face after an up close encounter with the ice!!)

Next up?? KILIMANJARO QUEST 95.2!!  In March, these brave souls will run the Kilimanjaro Marathon, and a day later- attempt a 24h Kili climb.  An ultra challenge, definitely, and an amazing, amazing chance to see Tanzania; from the ocean side to roof of Africa!

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