Boma Africa & Boma la Mama

Welcome to Boma Africa’s blog!

We founded Boma Africa in order to chase Lau’s dream of running a community based, socially responsible tour company.  Lau’s love of Tanzania, tourism, and of his people has fueled our success so far!

As a non profit company we have been able to fund and complete several modest community projects in our first 2 years.  Recently we shifted our focus, and decided that all of Boma Africa’s profit will be used for Boma la Mama Birth Centre, the women’s hospital we are opening in the future.  While we still have amazing volunteers and other projects in which we are involved, Boma la Mama will be our project. We are feeling proud that Boma la Mama will have a sustainable source of income every year; generated from Tanzania’s own amazing tourism industry.

To learn more about Boma la Mama, visit:

And browse our website if you are interested in visiting us in TZ!

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